6 Steps to Soul Power

6 Steps to Soul Power

A Tutorial for Overcoming Abuse Overview Introduction —1) Accept Yourself —2) Realize Your Love —3) Face Your Now —4) Make a Value Decision —5) Take Action —6) Affirm Your Identity Introduction When you are physically, emotionally or sexually abusive in your overall behavior, then the reason is that your power is not integrated, that it… Continue reading 6 Steps to Soul Power

Getting Started

Getting Started

Please work through the shared Getting Started module first. First express and write down Your Needs and Your Expectations. Then do Combirel®, a suite of Focusing and Chakra Relaxation, and finally make a unique contract with yourself, Your Ultimate Decision and Contract. —Your Needs —Your Expectations —A Focusing Session —A Relaxation Session —Your Ultimate Decision &… Continue reading Getting Started

06-Affirm Your Identity

Affirm Your Identity

The third and most important issue at stake behind consumerism is identity. There is personal identity, gender identity, sexual identity, social identity, political identity, ethnic identity and national identity. Any of these identities can only grow in freedom. That is why child protection, as all protection, is counterproductive to building identity. The slave is identified… Continue reading Affirm Your Identity