06-Writing Action Stories

Writing Action Stories

action-stories-smallWriting action stories—what for?

You may say well, action is action. It’s silly to write about it, you have to do it! You’re right. But we can do action in many ways, can’t we? And first of all, we can prepare it carefully before we set the first step into unknown. Writing Action Stories is one way of preparing for action. There are manifold ways to get at what we dream of. There are more or less effective ways to act and there is, accordingly, more or less effective action. What we want is to act effectively. Lao-Tzu said that non-action is action. What did he mean?

We do not want to waste emotional or material resources. We want to get straight to the point. But sometimes to get straight to the point is ineffective. Sometimes it’s more effective to make a detour, to approach things slowly, and wisely, or cautiously. That is why sometimes inaction is the most effective action.

The sages say that good action is to do the right thing in the right place at the right time. For everybody who has done astrology this insight is very familiar. In our culture we unlearnt through early conditioning all those principles of wisdom that humankind has kept for us, like a treasure, since thousands of years, and that we intuitively know.

Action is not hazard and yet is only to a slight proportion depending on will power. In our culture, it is often said that the will makes the man and silly things alike. Macho thinking has destroyed the very root of wisdom not only in men, but also in most women. The truth is that action rarely needs to be bold and aggressive and it neither needs to be one-sided or, worse, short-sighted. True action is always ecological or holistic, following a pattern rather than a single thought or idea.

A pattern consists of thought, feelings and intuitive insights alike; it’s a mixture, a blend, and it involves what Edward de Bono called lateral thinking. And action can be learned. That’s why it is included in this program.

Action Story 1

Action Story 2

Action Story 3

Action Story 4

Action Story 5

Action Story 6

Action Story 7

Action Story 8

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