03-General Approach to Life

Your General Approach to Life

pencilThere are two basic approaches to life. The first is problem-solving, the second is creative. The problem-solving approach is kind of reductionist. It believes that there are many problems out there and I’m happy to make out my little place solving those problems. If I can manage this, it’s enough for me.

The creative approach to life states that life is a wonderful challenge. I’ll make the best out of it and I want the utmost from it. To manage problems is for me only the first step on the exciting adventure to get truly involved with life—creatively involved.

It is obvious that if we take the challenge and ask life for more, we’re in quite a better position, right from the start, to get it. If however we think that just getting around our daily little problems is enough, we get the petty little thing we want – but not more. All depends on our expectation, on our approach to life.

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