04-Build Powerful Teams

Build Powerful Teams

In this unit we deal with teambuilding.


Step 1: One plus one equals one million

Step 2: Become a Team Interactor

Step 3: Become a Team Director


pencilTeambuilding is vital for survival, yet an art that can be learned. Why is teamwork important? Teamwork is but a form of relationship.

Today more then ever before tasks are divided in different specialized areas and competencies. The different areas, for example departments in a company, must interact with each other to fulfill the requirements of the whole unit, the company. As a result, teambuilding capacities are very important. It can even be said that they are vital for the company and that every success of the company as a whole is catalyzed by the successful action and interaction of the company’s top management team.

Relationship is based on communication. Communication is the beginning of all relationship. To build our relational abilities, we need to strengthen our communication skills. It is especially the silent or hidden part of communication that contains the dialogue about the values that we need to build up long-lasting relationships. These values are first of all trust, confidence and honesty. We normally do not talk about those things. We do not reveal our perceptions if or not the other person makes a trustworthy impression on us and if or not we are willing to invest in the relationship with her.

And yet, without talking about these things, we communicate about them! We do this in a silent, non-verbal way, using body language and a lot other signals. We also use alibi-language to receive a more reliable form of feedback about these communication elements which actually build the relationship.

In the usual communication process, we often do not get a feedback, or at least not a direct feedback, about our way to communicate. It means that much of the results of our communications remains hidden to us.

There are especially two gray areas in every communication:

  • How the receiver perceives us as a person
  • and
  • How well the receiver understood the message we communicated

How can we get a feedback if we use body language correctly and at our benefit? Only if somebody observes us tightly and reveals us where our weak points are we can begin to build up powerful communication.

In addition, cultural differences play an often unknown role in screwed-up communication and make for a number of misunderstandings. And communication is not always rational. Those of us who know about their own irrationality can control it and avoid confusing messages.

One who wants to lead others must be connected to his non-rational potential, the inherent source of creativity and success.

Please move on now to learn more about the principle of synergy which you can express as: one plus one equals one million.

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