02-Inner and Outer Communication

Inner and Outer Communication

pencilThis sub-unit helps you to get in touch with our inner energies or entities.

Communication is first of all communication with yourself. Relationships are based upon how we relate to ourselves.

We can distinguish inner and outer dialogue or communication.

The usual inner dialogue we maintain is the dialogue of our inner voices. For most people this process is something rather unconscious. The inner dialogue is a method designed to render conscious our self-talk and use turn our inner chatter into major benefits.

The inner dialogue especially:

  • develops awareness about our daily inner voice dialogue;
  • develops self-knowledge;
  • develops the skill to influence positively our inner dialogue;
  • trains the ability to lead the inner dialogue consciously for creative purposes;
  • leads to the integration of conflicting goal settings or wishes;
  • creates inner harmony;
  • leads to more creativity;
  • helps us to realize our true potential.

To practice the inner dialogue, the following technique has shown to be useful: Please sit back and relax. Try to focus inside without forcing you to receive a response. Be just aware of your self-talk.

Now if you feel something, please write it down in the text box. In the beginning our inner voices are not very audible, or almost inconceivable. If there is only a kind of impression or light that you see, please try to describe it equally. Please center within yourself and shut off a bit your contact to the outside world.

My First Impression of the Inner Dialogue

Jot this down in a few seconds …


We can advance now a bit and get in touch with specific entities or energies that we carry in ourselves. We carry basically three entities or energies in our personality:

Our Inner Child

Our inner child is the voice of our emotions and our creativity.

Our Inner Parent

Our inner parent is the voice of our caring and helping nature.

Our Inner Adult

Our inner adult is our rational mind and mental analyzer.

Our goal is to create a flexible balance between those inner entities so that we can act appropriately in every possible situation. This is so because every situation needs another response. If we tend to respond always with the same inner entity, let’s say with the inner adult, our behavior tends to be one-sided and inappropriate with regard to the manifold situations life presents us every day. Power is in flexibility, not in rigidity.

Please try now to contact your inner child. Try to perceive the voice in you which wants you to break out of formal relationships or situations, which wants you to play, which seeks adventure, which is young and exciting and which wants you to try new solutions, even fancy ones. If you perceive some hint of a voice, some thought, some idea, just write it quickly and spontaneously (without thinking about it) in the box and submit it.

First Contact with My Inner Child

Jot this down in a few seconds …


Now please try to get in touch with your inner parent, the taking care, nurturing part of your nature. It is the voice in you which wants to give advice and is protective.

First Contact with My Inner Parent

Jot this down in a few seconds …


Finally, please let’s try to get in touch with our inner adult. This is the voice in you that wants the rational solutions, that sometimes cuts off emotions, that often belittles the inner child or ridicules it (namely each time you find a new idea or behavior ‘silly’ or ‘too daring’, etc.). It’s very useful for you to identify this voice in you. Once we are clear about our inner entities, they enter into a kind of flexible and mutually empowering interaction which is very beneficial for our communication and team-building skills.

First Contact With My Inner Adult

Jot this down in a few seconds …


Now we are ready to enter the next phase, communicating with others. For building awareness about outer communication, I have developed a training principle which gave the name RICCA.

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