01-Roles and Goals

Your Roles and Goals

pencilThis sub-unit deals with the recall and definition of our roles, our goals and our (general) tasks for realizing these goals.

Please enter your roles in accordance with your previous choices. After you have inserted your role in the form, please enter your personal goals for it. Do this in a few seconds, intuitively, without thinking.

My Personal Role 1

My Personal Goals for Role 1

My Personal Role 2

My Personal Goals for Role 2

My Personal Role 3

My Personal Goals for Role 3

My Personal Role 4

My Personal Goals for Role 4

My Personal Role 5

My Personal Goals for Role 5


Now that you have clarity about your goals, you are ready to begin with planning or self-management.

Enter in every box of your weekly schedule the following data:

  • the day when the task will have to be done
  • the task to be carried out
  • the role of your six roles to be assigned to the task
  • the goal to achieve with carrying out the task
  • the gross amount of time needed for the task
  • the importance (priority range of the task)

Please exercise practically using the following real-life task:

You are asked to take the presidency of your local club, church or welfare organization. You are supposed to hold a speech at that occasion. You need to prepare the speech and schedule it in your agenda. The club meeting will be on Thursday evening. Priority ranges are from 1 to 10 (1 being the lowest and 10 the highest priority) How do you schedule?

Please enter your solution in the appropriate boxes for every day and don’t forget to structure your input along the lines of the six points previously enumerated.

Please click here to enter your weekly schedule.

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