02-Give Power

Give Power

pencilIn this unit we deal with power in relationships and how we can empower others, how we can give power in order to achieve synergy in relationships.


Step One: Develop Interdependence

Step Two: Build Personal Vision

Your Favorite Values

Your Favorite Roles

Your Positive Characteristics

Your Weaknesses

Your Personal Vision Statement (PVS)

Step Three: Build Win-Win

Step Four: Build Empathy and Commitment


This part of our follow-up is a preparation of our communication training in Unit 3. The formula of success that we can state at that point of our training sounds like:

Be proactive + Win-Win + Synergize = New Creative Cooperation

It is essential to recall three steps in our personal evolution:

  • How to grow from dependence into interdependence;
  • How to leverage positive attitude (win-win approach);
  • How to relate emotionally to others.

I will now deepen each of these points in the sub-units.

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