03-Latent Thoughts Manifest

Latent Thoughts Manifest

Q. What are your latent thoughts? In which way are they creative?

A. …

Q. Have you experienced the creativity of your latent thoughts in positive or rather in negative ways—if so, remember at least one incident.

A. …

Q. What can we learn from Dr. C’s success story? Was he an especially willful and obstinate person? Was he so much smarter than all the others, or was he just lucky? Did he have better social connections than other medical doctors? What was the reason of his success?

A. …

Q. What is needed so that your recurring latent thoughts manifest in the material world?

A. …

Q. How do emotions impact upon our thoughts? Are we positive or negative thinkers by nature, or by conditioning—what do you think?

A. …

Q. Is the quality of our thoughts perhaps the result of the emotions that accompany them? Have you observed how bad feelings about yourself trigger negative thoughts and responses to events?

A. …

Q. What is the value, if any, of self-righteousness? What is more conducive for success than feelings superior over others? How would you name this quality in one simple word?

A. …

Q. What are the values of self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence?

A. …

Q. How do the people around you essentially perceive your value as a person? Is it that you need to affirm yourself by promoting yourself?

A. …

Q. What is the problem with verbally describing your qualities to others? Is that needed at all?

A. …

Q. How would you describe the behavior and relationship pattern Linda B. was suffering from?

A. …

Q. How did she eventually get it right, transforming her life after a serious talk with the company psychologist?

A. …

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