01-Get Power

Get Power

In this unit we deal with our inner powers, self-esteem, potential, soul values and building basic trust in life and ourselves. In Positive Self-Empowerment (PSE) we are learning and applying a technique that helps us building personal power and at the same time develop relationships that are harmonious and mutually beneficial (win-win). In Positive Self-Talk… Continue reading Get Power

02-4 Build Empathy and Commitment

Build Empathy and Commitment

In this sub-unit we deal with empathic communication and a generally committed attitude. Empathy and commitment are essential characteristics of successful and highly effective people. Why? It may not be obvious on first sight why we should experience the feelings of another, to paraphrase the description of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, or why we should feel… Continue reading Build Empathy and Commitment

02-1-Develop Interdependence

Develop Interdependence

In this sub-unit we deal with the delicate topic of getting away from dependence patterns and develop true and lasting interdependence with others. This transition is for many people a matter of constant hurt and strife, and therefore assumes particular importance in every single process of personal achievement. Become Independent and Response-able To relate in… Continue reading Develop Interdependence