05-Your Personal Vision Statement

Your Personal Vision Statement (PVS)

In this sub-unit we finalize our vision statement by actually drafting it in words and layout. For doing this, you just fill in all the information previously collected and assemble it in your statement in a way in keeping with your personal style. Now we are ready to draft our Personal Vision Statement (PVS). Please… Continue reading Your Personal Vision Statement (PVS)

03-Communicate Powerfully

Communicate Powerfully

In this unit we deal with communication, the different levels of communication, and how to train communication. Overview —Step 1: Why Training Relationship? —Step 2: Inner and Outer Communication —Step 3: The RICCA principle Introduction Communication is something very complex, but at the same time an activity we do like breathing or sleeping. We don't… Continue reading Communicate Powerfully

02-Inner and Outer Communication

Inner and Outer Communication

This sub-unit helps you to get in touch with our inner energies or entities. Communication is first of all communication with yourself. Relationships are based upon how we relate to ourselves. We can distinguish inner and outer dialogue or communication. The usual inner dialogue we maintain is the dialogue of our inner voices. For most… Continue reading Inner and Outer Communication

03-The Ricca Principle

The RICCA Principle

This sub-unit help you see the implications of outer communication. What is the RICCA principle? RICCA is an abbreviation for: Relation Interaction Communication Cooperation Association There is a gradational direction from relation till association. Relation is the beginning of a relationship. Once we are related to each other, we begin to interact. There is interaction… Continue reading The RICCA Principle

01-One Plus One Equals One Million

One Plus One Equals One Million

In this sub-unit we deal with the principle of synergy which is very important for building and maintaining teams. Synergy is the motor for building any kind of group or team. It's something that glues people to each other. Overview What is synergy? What is Team Creativity? The power of synergistic teams Solution-focus as a… Continue reading One Plus One Equals One Million


RoGoTaSc Self-Management

RoGoTaSc is a facilitation tool for self-management which complements leadership qualities and skills so as to facilitate daily management issues, prioritizing, self-definition and time-management. Introduction You may wonder about the strange name of this unit. RoGoTaSc stands for: Roles Goals Tasks Schedule RoGoTaSc is a planning unit that is based upon your goal setting and… Continue reading RoGoTaSc Self-Management